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The Golf Course Flyover team's mission is to help golf courses maximize the effectiveness of video marketing. We allow courses to easily integrate video content into their digital marketing strategy, while providing golfers with a fun and informative viewing experience. 



Hole-by-hole drone flyovers with your choice of professional voiceovers, 3D motion graphics, yardages, and logo animations



Your golfers can watch flyovers of each hole by quickly scanning a QR Code before teeing off


High resolution aerial and ground photos that showcase your course in the best light


A 2-3 minute commercial showcasing your course and amenities with licensed background music 

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1. Give Us Course Details


Public or Private? Course Yardage? Number of Tee Boxes? We will gather as much information on your golf course as possible to provide an accurate project scope. 

2. Select Add-Ons


Add-Ons consist of Professional Voiceovers, Animated Motion Graphics, Photo Packages, Social Media Assets, and more.  


3. Schedule Flight Date

Our crew of certified drone pilots will be on-site at your course for 4+ hours. Visit our FAQ for more info.


4. Get Videos in Less Than 2 Weeks

After you receive your video, you get 1 round of revisions on speed, colors, and music. Visit our FAQ for more info.

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Via QR codes, your golfers can access your drone flyovers while
on the course using their mobile devices.

The QR code will be linked to a secure and mobile friendly webpage, branded with your logo and colors. The webpage will host all 18-hole flyovers, making it easy for your golfers to follow along throughout their round. 

Golf Course Flyovers will design and provide you with your QR code to apply as stickers on carts, printed on scorecards, etc.

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5. Integrate to Course

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Does my course need to be closed for the shoot?

No! Our production team only needs three consecutive tee-times blocked off starting at 10:00am. We will follow pace of play and won't interfere with golfers.

Do we have to provide room & board accomodations for your team?

The flat rate we provide when you request a quote assumes that room and board accommodations will be provided to us. If there is not an opportunity to stay on-site, we will find accommodations nearby your course.

Who do you work with?

Golf Courses... next question!

What areas do you operate in?

We travel all over the United States, and are based in Chicago, IL.

Have you ever crashed a drone?

We are an extremely safe service and have had zero incidents. Our drone pilots are trained and FAA Part 107 Certified. We fly slow and increase the speed during the editing process.

What if I don't like the music, narration, graphics, etc?

We provide the initial round of revisions at no cost to you. You may leave your revisions in our video review software for our editing team.

How fast is your turn around time?

You will recieve your first draft of videos in 1 week from the shoot date.

Does your team understand golf etiquette?

Yes, as avid golfers, we understand golf etiquette and will respect your course and the golfers.

Do we have to cover flight expenses?

Flight expenses are included in the rate we provide when you request a quote.

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